Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In the moment:: morning time together

An anchor to our days is gathering around our coffee table in the morning for what i have called morning time together. After I call out 'morning time' they run from various parts of the home, collect their candles there's usually a scuffle-I got that one' and finally we settle down and come to share and learn, to give thanks and ask to him who has given to us.. At the moment I'm reading through 'Leading little ones to God, after that we sing and then light a candle, give thanks for various things- Zach particularly thankful for the songs that the birds sing in the morning and the different greens he sees in the trees. Bella usually mentions Apricot and Speckles (our chickens) Jasmine consistently prays for the homeless or our sponsor children and Jett will pray for daddy that he would make alot of money and not be stressed.
This particular morning when the children had finished praying I told them I'd like to bless them each before they run off and so excitedly they lined up all giggly, anticipating what I would say. I lay my hands around them each and blessed them with words inspired from the one who knows them better than I. Afterwards in thier joyous voices they stated that it was my turn. And so with their young soft hands and innocent hearts they blessed this weary, limping through her life mama with wisdom and strength to hear His patient loving voice.
They all skipped away but me... I was still, with a sense of awe and a tangible feeling of love. His love that came through the prayers and faith of four young hearts. I had wanted to bless and I was the one who walked into the day completely touched and full of joy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

in the moment:: mental health day

We had plans...I had plans. Our week was full of projects, copywork, maths, making, reading. I had planned the books, the tasks to be completed by the end of the week.
And then Monday morning. It hit me with such a thud added to that one very difficult nine year old boy and I knew I wasn't going to be up for the day. After some collecting of self moments I suggested to all lets go have a picnic and then stop at the library on the way home. It was for my own mental health .. I needed nature...perspective in the vast open skies and the free spirited songs that fill the trees.

And it was better.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Teacher/ Parent- the work within

'... as a Home Teacher, you should be continually striving to unfold the potential
within yourself so that you can respond more deeply and spontaneously to your child. In working
with children, it is never the techniques you have learned through the years that cause them to develop
their capabilities. Rather, it is the strength of your being, the light of your understanding, and the love
you have for them as fellow beings that draws the latent spark of individuality within them into active
manifestation. It is this that makes teaching such a difficult endeavor. To be an effective teacher, you
must persistently seek to unfold and refine your own strengths before you can ever hope to unfold
and refine the strengths in your child. '

I found this quote and felt that yes it really is the constant work of us as parents and educators that will bring such benefit to our children. Its not what we say but how we live that speaks to them. And so I keep placing myself in the refiners hand...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ahoy me hardy!

Mr Zach has lost one of his front teeth and it adds to that gorgeous constantly grimy face to make him look like a little pirate and with his cheeky grin I can't help but smile every time I look at him. Now there's something to be hugely thankful for!!
Who is making you smile today? Please share the Joy!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

weekend snapshots : fathers day

Finally a few moments to say what a lovely Fathers Day we had despite absolute exhaustion and weariness from both parents. A day of connection and togetherness with each other, family and friends and despite me feeling a bit slack at the amount of effort I put into it, that is the big breakfast on a table all decorated beautifully (I did offer to shout him to lunch), the things that really matter were tangibly felt.

Friday, September 4, 2009

SDO: some sewing

While Matt had the children for some daddy time I sat myself down at the sewing machine. I didn't even tidy first. I knew they would be home before long so I took full advantage and chose to fill up my mama-needs-to-do-something-creative-tank.
I finished the backyard blanket which was basically a thrifted sheet sandwiched together with some old terry toweling-its not really large enough for all of us but for my first go it gave me an idea of what I will do next time.
Jett put in an order for a large pencil case with a pocket for his rubber and sharpener so that was next-now I've got orders from the other two.
A couple of skirts for the girls using a thrifted pillowcase and a pillowcase dress for Jasi. I think i filled my makin tank at least for another week. It is such a joy to see the children wearing clothes or using things that have come from my hands and heart-even if I am a beginner sewer-I am really catching the bug.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the moment ~happy messes

giving thanks:
~a table full of children all painting in bright happy colors
~a little girl who only want to paint in pink and not just on the paper but all around her
~ a little girl happy to go into the bath with 'her girls' so mama can clean up her happy mess.
~friends who accept and love in all sorts of weather
~a co-operative (mostly) game of creating obsatcle courses and timing eachother

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Spring!!

Life feels so full at the moment which is wonderful in a exhausting kind of way but it also is easy to be pushed along from one thing to the next, one need to the next, one chaotic moment to the next... and yet I am right where I am meant to be . How to live mindfully and present in each moment is my challenge; letting go of the next thing over there, that three piles of washing here, the messy backyard , the dinner preparation, muffins for afternoon tea, a blog post, an e-mail, the linen closet needs resorting, the homeschool work needs organising and i really want to sew an apron for Bella and, and, and...these things in themselves aren't bad and do need attention but they can pull you away from enjoying all that the now moment has. Those little, simple graces that fill our days and feed our soul if we but notice.
So, for September this first month of Spring I am going to notice and consciously give thanks in my heart and mind as we meander through our full days and here in this little space.

So for today-
~the prayers of my children at our morning time-for others and for me
~pink painting in pj's
~lunch in the warm sun and the cool air
~the delight from youngest girl in her blossoming white Snapdragons
~goodness in food-eaten and read
~the crazy game of memory between Mama and her boys
~the made up songs loud and unabashed from a heart full of praise
~the way she smells, the softness of her chubby cheeks, her loving embrace
~the deep loving touch from the one who knows, has always known who I am and accepts, woos and whispers his heart to mine

May Spring be a month of Joy as we give thanks and know that He is good.