Friday, December 14, 2007

A Lesson

After our advent reading this morning 6yog gave me this.Her interpretation of Rahab helping the two Israelites.In the midst of children talking & turning upside down etc it sometimes feels as if there is little point in coming together & doing our bible reading with all the fussing & hushing. Then afterward I get this & I'm reminded that it is worth  it &  it is going in even though it doesn't always look like it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Good Time Had By All!!

What refreshment a friend can bring.We had our beautiful friend come to visit from Sydney this last weekend & we all had such a fun time.I even got to have a day without children & enjoy a leisurely breakfast at one of my favourite cafes & then
onto see a movie (Elizabeth).Thankyou dear friend for your wonderful company & sharing the journey with us.

Breath of Heaven -Mary's son

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This song came back to me out of nowhere a few days ago.The version that I first heard was an Amy Grant on her Xmas  album.It feels like a long time ago that this song was apart of  me-I am told though I don't really remember that I sang it, my that feels like forever before children.
The timing of this song wafting through my head is perfect.I do at times feel weary & so not up to the task of raising these four  bright active children.My constant prayer is that He will be near to me & hold me together.