Tuesday, June 15, 2010

science day

The kids had a great time at a science day for homeschoolers recently. With mixing, touching and watching, it was a hands-on delight.

a moment

...to remember

Saturday, June 12, 2010

favourite things

~ thrifted pure cotton tablecloth ~ warm sun on cooler days ~ kids crafting ~ soft snuggles ~ thrifted box to put nature finds in~

Happy Weekend to you friends!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

all in a week

- two sick children
- one sleep-deprived mama
- a 7hr trip to Bellingen (with 2 stops), four children in the car, two sick and one grumpy mama with her headphones listening to new downloaded music on her iphone so she couldn't hear the winging, bickering and general noise of four said children.
- a 20min rain forest walk with natural sculptures to view along the way and many amazing trees that helped soothe the grumpy mama; and give three wild and precious children a chance to run around breathing in the beautiful fresh air. Alas, one little three year old girl cried and cried as she was feeling miserable and needed her mama to carry her which in turn ended up with mama crying as her back was in I'm-not-going-to-be-strong-for-you-anymore-mode. Thankfully kind nine year old girl rescued mama's back for a few minutes anyway and piggy-backed the now tantruming three yr old the rest of the way to where we all enjoyed some yummy thingy at the kiosk (coffee for mama).
- one freezing night in country house in Bellingen with no sleep for mama because of two sick children and now sick mama
- one amazing fire that three clever children helped build that warmed up country house and helped us all feel alot happier.
- a new pair of groovy red shoes for mama
- lots of coffee in Bellingen for mama
- a visit to three second-hand stores where mama scored and this made her very happy
- a flu-stricken, back-aching, not-enough-sleep mama trying to drive back home to Brisbane, falling asleep on road: and so thoughtful husband books her into Byron Bay for the night where she and children all have ice cream for dinner and end up watching Australia's Got Talent on TV cosied up in bed together.
- breakfast on a cold windy morning in Byron Bay with my two girls.
- two days of bed and sleep for exhausted mama once finally home.
- mountains and I mean mountains of washing that needs folding, needs washing and needs putting away because the washing machine is out of action as termites have been found in laundry and laundry had to be dismantled to deal with those naughty little pests.
- friends who encourage and love with kind words and acceptance at what I can and can't manage.
- two excited boys spending some days in Sydney without there mama
- one wonderful and kind husband who made veggie soup for his sick wife so she didn't have to worry about dinner.
- seven adorable and growing fat playful puppies who bring smiles on every ones faces