Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

the last two weeks :: 2

so much love and support
time with friends over meals
opportunity to go to the art gallery
have sleepovers
be blown away by our home having a spruce-up
trying to get through the nights of feeding two  babies on my own
waiting to hear the results and process of Matt's recovery
and finally after two weeks coming home all together
 learning to deal with Matt's limitations for the next three months while he wears a brace and his back heals

Monday, January 23, 2012

monday morning musing

'We want to feel, acknowledge, and see how exaggerated, eccessive, and absurd our false energy really is. If we own and take responsibility for our darkness, if we feel how it has wounded ourselves and others, how it has allowed us not to love and not to be loved- if we do that,.. we will become alert to the other side, to our greatest gift, or rather, the actual depth of our gift. Our gift is our sin sublimated and transformed by grace.'
 Richard Rohr, The Enneagram

 and some baby photos just because:

Friday, January 20, 2012

the last two weeks :: 1

Where to start and to coherently describe the last two weeks with a foggy, lack of sleep state of being that I'm in? It might be easier to copy a page from my journal, my ongoing list of things I'm thanking God for :

:: the gift of staying at our friends home (which was minutes from the hospital), and it truly felt like home, so much so that the kids cooked and played as if in thier own space

:: bottles. yes bottles-this time would have been so much harder if I had been the only one feeding these two babies.

:: the big kids helping to settle and soothe

:: a beautiful German girl able to help and occupy the kids

being close to the shops and getting all the school needs including haircuts, which would have been much harder being at home

 :: friends to help pass the time away

:: being able to walk to see daddy at the hospital each day
:: these two cute little babies, I'm so thankful for when they're not crying and I can see more of who they are

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I was going to start this new year, this first month of 2012, marking moments. The mundane, the everyday- the stuff that makes our lives.
I was going to celebrate the new year with friends..I imagine we would of had a bonfire outside, red wine in, talk of our heart whispers for the coming year, reflect on the amazing year that was.
I imagine laughter and lots of kids running around, plenty of hands to hold unsettled babies, a BBQ on and a trip at the waterhole.

This 2012 has not at all begun the way I'd imagined.

New years Eve found Matthew being helicoptered to hospital after having an accident at the waterhole, we are waiting to hear more news at the seriousness of his injuries.
Friends did come- to support and hold unsettled babies. Make coffee, take big kids for a swim, pray.

Despite not having time to reflect or savor the passing of one year to the next I hold close the fresh reminder that  - life is a gift. And the everyday moments of our lives are extraordinary: a friend who wraps their arms around you, a hot cup of coffee, a child's laughter, a friends offer to mind the kids, a meal shared,
-it's all a gift.


I go into 2012 not at all how i imagined but I go in feeling deeply rich and with the knowledge that though dark times come there are flickers of hope everywhere if i look. I hope that 2012 finds me more full of thanksgiving and contentment than ever before as I fully live the mundane, the everyday moments: the extraordinary.