Thursday, September 30, 2010

today I am thankful for

~ seeing these two growing boys working at cleaning .

~ her soft love and that she wants all sorts of kisses: butterfly kisses, nose kisses and extra lovey kisses ( which means when your not expecting it she sticks her tongue out and licks all over).

~ that somewhere deep inside there is still a carefree girl who loves to wear flowers in her hair and sing loudly as she walks down the street.

~ that my little ones know that racing inside with color brings a smile to this face.
~ kids who amuse themselves with cubby houses while mama is busy packing, sneezing and generally stressing out over HOW much there is to pack and where to start and what to cook for dinner.
~ reminders from young hands that point me in the right direction.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

kingscliff {green]

Last week we headed down the coast to Kingscliff with some friends and enjoyed a break from all the goings on that have been keeping us full throttle here. Fishing, boating, beachcombing, hideouts, stuck-in-the-mud, markets in the rain, bike riding on wet red dirt, starting and finishing 'the girl who played with fire' (by Stieg Larsson) and lots of laughs. A week that was needed by all six of us!
And now we are back to the what seems like an enormous task of packing this home up and moving out by the 10th of October. Good times over the next two weeks: music, coffee, wii (for kids), and late nights.

Monday, September 20, 2010

China Adventures :: the silk road

What a great book this is! Beautiful, colorful illustrations; a song to sing and more detailed information at the back for those that want more on the Silk Road. A number of times I've found this book left on the toilet floor the kids like it so much.
To add this element to our China Lapbooks:- I read the story with many questions, comments and other interruptions, then the children color and label a map that I crudely drew and copied out for them.
Jett And Jasmine wrote out some points about the Silk Road that they learned from the story and Zach dictated to me and I typed his out.
To end we got the globe out and had a closer look at China and the surrounding countries.

Zachie's map- traced and colored

Jasmine- I love how she used her watercolor pencils.

Jett- was quite concerned that this was not a completely accurate map.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

little surprises

A few weeks ago I bought this cute tin from the markets. When I went to use it to put some games into to keep Bella occupied during an outing, I found these sweet Paper Dolls. Vintage!! She's called Denim Deb and there are a few of those outfits which I wouldn't mind wearing myself!

Friday, September 17, 2010

a moment remember.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

reminding me

use less words with the children
don't give so many choices
be physical holding them when they feel angry or distressed
let them cry - don't feel guilt or take their tears personally
let them be - be themselves in expression and play
keep to a rhythm and routine
forgive self when mistakes are made
let go

Monday, September 13, 2010

What they're reading- eldest boy (10)

Its hard to keep up with what this boy reads. He nearly always has a book in his hand. If we go out he brings a few. He has piles of them to the bed, under his pillow, along the wall next to his bed ( a book shelf made especially for this book-loving boy), on his desk, in bags...a bit like his mama except with more time.

:: Chinese Cinderella- describes growing up in China during the second world war.

:: Chinese Cinderella- the second book tells the story of CC as she goes in and out of consciousness,  dreaming or is it remembering of a past life. A historical mystery set in ancient China. 

Chinese Cinderella The Mystery of the Song Dynasty Painting

:: Works of Rudyard Kipling- This one he has a read, leaves it for a bit then comes back to.
:: War Stories for boys- Stories from the Second world war.

:: The Edge Chronicles- monsters, fantasy, flying ships and loads of adventure. Jett enjoyed this but says he would prefer to spend book money on bird or nature books rather than the other 14 books in this series.

:: Skulduggery Pleasant Series- Jett (and now Jasmine) are mad on this series and I kinda had to let go a little on my own first impressions ( this was given to Jett as a B'day present). Its fun and pure adventure, just what a 10 year old boy loves. He is eagerly awaiting the 5th book which I've promised him for the holidays next week.

:: dog tricks- Jett bought this one with his own money. He has been working at teaching Missy a few tricks and so far they are doing well..Missy will do anything for a treat.

:: Handbook of Australian Wildlife- another one Jett got with his own money. This is a constant bedside companion.
Handbook of Australian Wildlife

:: Mammals by David Attenborough- Another one that stays close by. One of Jetts favourites.
The Life of Mammals