Thursday, September 30, 2010

today I am thankful for

~ seeing these two growing boys working at cleaning .

~ her soft love and that she wants all sorts of kisses: butterfly kisses, nose kisses and extra lovey kisses ( which means when your not expecting it she sticks her tongue out and licks all over).

~ that somewhere deep inside there is still a carefree girl who loves to wear flowers in her hair and sing loudly as she walks down the street.

~ that my little ones know that racing inside with color brings a smile to this face.
~ kids who amuse themselves with cubby houses while mama is busy packing, sneezing and generally stressing out over HOW much there is to pack and where to start and what to cook for dinner.
~ reminders from young hands that point me in the right direction.



Inspired by your gratitude even when life is hard. Sometimes gratitude flows easily and sometimes we have to looks for it. Thank you for reminding me to be always on the look out for it. By the way love the boys drawing of the scary creatures with the verse about brotherly love!

Skye said...

Thanks Emma, Isnt it a great drawing definetly a keeper.Thankfulness is so something that needs to be stirred up and I really am working on it as a habit, and it has so many benifits doesn't it.

jen said...

It's true, Skye, your gratitude is inspirational. I love the picture of the young You, and your connection with her. I love seeing her too. I love spending time with all ages of You, actually. xoxo