Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why Homeschool?

Some days,no alot of days don't pan out the way I had planned.The children aren't interested in their lessons nor my directions,actually my voice can barely be heard through the cacophony that fills the room.I try to talk gently, to be patient yet still there are words flying in every direction contradicting my own,so I raise my voice a little hoping to break into this increasingly rowdy exchange of opinions & directions..and then before i've had time redirect one child another child has taken it too far & someone is screaming on the floor,the baby is crying,the phone is ringing & I am wondering what am I doing? This is not what I pictured.Not the learning environment I imagined.Is what I do today actually making a difference?
At the end of the day as I ponder the ins & outs of my interactions with the children I once again am filled with thankfulness that God has set me on this path.Despite not fulfilling everything on the schedule,despite not having the house in complete order,despite having another breakfast dinner,I can look back on today & know that I am training these precious children to love God & to live right.Day by day,over & over teaching them how to prefer one another,how to choose to do the right over the wrong.Yes today did make a diference-as Sally Clarckson says "Only in the home can you shepherd your childs spirits's,shape their hearts & strengthen thier minds all at once."Even though we are at the beginning of this homeschooling journey I am filled with excitement & faith as to what God is doing in us & our children as we follow this path.