Monday, February 28, 2011


the extraordinary roses we inherited with the house

the wonder and awe the children have for all the new and different bugs, beetles and little critters

this one- the way she is growing in personality and individuality; her spunkiness and sweetness all wrapped up in a funny and bouncy package. So delicious..

all the rocks, leaves, shells and flowers that are added to the nature table

his passion and determination for his  garden

the strength and beauty of our (actually not our horses but just living with us for a time) two horses- seeing and hearing them makes me smile with wonder

the simplest things that bring joy and pleasure

Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekends are for...

market finds : vintage books & cutsie cups

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today I am going to get some pens or paint maybe some paper and glue,
whatever I choose I will make.

Not caring for the end but enjoying the process, I will open my heart and express whats inside.

And I think I'll have this song in the background.

Monday, February 14, 2011

a link

 A post from the Parenting Passageway that I want to reread and remind myself of so I thought I would share it here in my reminding space... especially at the moment as an unnamed someone travels through some ups and downs of growing into themselves.  

And some unrelated images just because.


When Your Children Are At Their Worst….

You need to be at your best.
You need to set the tone.  Quietly.
You need to calm down.
You need to use your hands gently to help.
You need to approach your child in a true manner that shows you actually want to help them.
You need to be able to pass this duty to someone else in your family if you cannot do it right this minute.  This does not mean you have failed, it means you are human.
You need to still be able to love your child, even if you don’t like them this minute.
You need to know this too shall pass.
You need to know life is full of these moments.
You need to know there is no perfect peaceful house.
You need to know that your child is not doing this on purpose.
You need to know your child loves you and wants to connect with you more than anything.
 You need to know you are doing your best.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

birthday richness

I got spoiled this year and it felt so lovely!
So much love and warmth from family and friends did good things to my soul.
Homemade yumminess, beautiful words from young hearts (and old), time spent with hands in the dirt, a visit to local markets all made this a special day. I feel so rich.

Monday, February 7, 2011

right now

I am-
~ feeling so grateful for the green that surrounds me in the form of trees and hills and new plant life.
~ enjoying reading Eldest to the two older ones..I don't think I will ever tire of reading aloud and thankfully at eleven and ten they still love to snuggle and listen.
~ listening to the wind in the trees
~ wondering how to be all that I feel is within amidst all that needs to be done without
~ surviving the heat by reading in a cool bath whilst eating the divine Burnt Fig ice cream by Maggie Beer and sipping a glass of red.
~ loving seeing the passion my eleven year old for his garden
~ planning where to plant my ghost gums, jasmine and banksia vines, lemon and lime trees and a bunch of flowers.
~ watching the way my seven year old is adjusting to the new routines of school life and feeling so proud.
~ anticipating a day with the best friends a girl could have eating, celebrating and making.
~ thinking about how to navigate the ups and downs of a young girls emotions and moods as she transitions through to double digits, school cliques, new responsibilities, sharing a room with a four old, pushing and pulling needs and wants... I'm chanting to myself 'connection and boundaries'.
~ accepting my limitations and trying to live in the gift of this moment not in the disappointments of yesterday or the worry of tomorrow

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today Zach spent his first day at school...I cried.
Today Matthew and I celebrated thirteen years of togetherness.
Today Jasmine had her first horse riding did she smile from ear to ear.
Today my 11 year old boy cooked us all dinner.
Today Charlie the orphaned 3 week old Hereford arrived
Today I lay on the grass under the pine tree and looked up at the amazing shapes of the pine needles and the blue sky and felt the wind caress my skin

Today I gave thanks