Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today Zach spent his first day at school...I cried.
Today Matthew and I celebrated thirteen years of togetherness.
Today Jasmine had her first horse riding lesson..wow did she smile from ear to ear.
Today my 11 year old boy cooked us all dinner.
Today Charlie the orphaned 3 week old Hereford arrived
Today I lay on the grass under the pine tree and looked up at the amazing shapes of the pine needles and the blue sky and felt the wind caress my skin

Today I gave thanks


milkandhoney said...

Happy anniversary to you both.
How did Zach go at school? They look great in their uniforms.
And Charlie looks so cute... We used to have cattle on our farm. xx

earthkissed said...

Wow, I would love to drive up one monday or tuesday to visit and catch up, so much has been happening, the photos are beautiful. I miss you *hug*


Wow! What a big day and gorgeous photos too.