Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A borrowed post: Types and purposes of Reading by Catherine Levison

This last week the littlest one has taken me to another level of tiredness which I am still in the throws of trying to cope with. I tried writing a post but I just stare blankly at the screen even though I have much to say..I just don't seem to be able to compose anything, especially when the screen is so blurry.
I hope you enjoy this atricle from one of my favourite Charlotte Mason writers-

Copyright Catherine Levison
Used with permission. All rights reserved.

There are basically two types of reading: There's reading for
enjoyment and there's reading for knowledge. And on a very
happy day, the two collide.
You can't expect to find little Eddie in the living room reading
a physics book all on his own because he likes it. Well, if you
do, then congratulations, that's a very good problem to have.
And don't rely on electro-shock therapy to create a love for
reading. Can you picture that? "Hold still Timmy. Quit wiggling,
Mommy just has to get these attached to your head. Okay, this
will only hurt for a second."
No, that isn't the answer, either.
The way to create the love of reading is to have the most interesting
books ever written, and if at first you don't succeed, keep trying.
Get away from the easy readers as soon as possible and put one
book after another in front of your child. Either they'll be readers and
like it with very little effort, or they will be the "other kind" and they
need more time. If they think they hate to read and you allow that
idea to cement, you'll regret it later.
Instead, go ahead, wear yourself out going back and forth to the library
because someday the clouds will part, a beam of light will appear and
yes, Johnny will say the words you've been longing to hear, "Mommy,
I like this book!"
Quickly ascertain what it is about this book he likes. The content?
The writing style? The colors? Whatever it is go and get more just
like that one. We want to develop the habit of reading as well as the
enjoyment of reading. We want the child to find out that he won't die
from it. No, it's fun. But he has to come to that conclusion on his
Another thing that will help greatly is reading aloud to any and every
child you have. Forget their ages and disregard who likes to read and
who doesn't. Read a lot and from vastly different kinds of books. Read
like your life depends on it. I promise it will come back to you. You
will thank yourself later.
The more any child learns to enjoy reading, the better. One of many
reasons is someday, somewhere they're going to have to read
something they don't want to read. It will be boring, it will be tedious.
However, they will learn to tolerate those moments and view them
as temporary. The child who decides they don't like to read anything
at all, thinks that way all the time. They're always tolerating. If any
person -- young or old -- likes to read, they know that just as soon
as they finish this poorly written boring book, they can get back to
reading something great.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

illustration friday

8yob: pencil and watercolors

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ikea drawers

Little bits and bobs,treasures collected from everywhere..where o where does it all go.
Well we bought these ikea drawers for all those little 'special things' that are collected over time and to personalize them a little I covered them with drawings & favourite pictures.

Monday, September 22, 2008

gratitude monday

  • holding my 8yob as he runs to play outside in the middle of the day
  • yumminess in the form of childrens cooking-

  • no internet access for a day and a window of time to start a sewing project
  • music....that speaks how I feel, moves my soul, stirs up a dance
  • the wind...the softness of a breeze and how it reminds me of His gentle caresses just for me

Friday, September 19, 2008

He wanted an elephant

When I showed the children the Mr Bunny I made out of Daddy's old jumper 8yob asked if I could make him a elephant. At the time I said that would be way too hard I'm just a learner-sewer is there something a little easier perhaps? No, an elephant it had to be. I put that on the too hard shelf for a while.
After a particularly hard day for the boy (and the mama) I decided I would make him an elephant no matter the end result -I was going to give it a go.
I searched elephant softies on Flickr hoping to stumble upon a tutorial and after a while of wasting the night away I drew up a pattern, cut it out and got sewing.
I was reasonably happy with the results and most importantly the boy was very happy and seeing him play with 'Jumbo' all day was very warming to this 'learner-sewer' Mama's heart. I could so get into this softie making thing.

illustration friday

7yog: mumma, bubba and me

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The results of strawberry picking.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

gratitude monday

  • friendship-faithful,enduring and always believing
  • honest words from the mouth of little ones
  • cuddles from little arms so tender, so trusting and so full of love
  • coffee made by husband..so needed and so good
  • the rough and tumble play between brothers

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lone Pine memories

This year we had a annual pass to Lone Pone Koala Sanctuary and it has been such an enjoyable and easy way for us to get outside and share our love of animals. And on those days when these four walls are closing in and the children's noise is reaching cacophonous proportions it has been a life saver for me (well the kids too) to pack up a bag and drive 20min and let the kids go.

illustration friday

5yo boy- 'Palm tree' - pencil and watercolor while at Botanic Gardens

Sunday, September 7, 2008

fathers day..a very fine day

A beautiful day in all sorts of ways for this family:First thing: Cards, gifts and breakfast (baked eggs for us and bakery treats for little ones)

And later a walk in the park exploring bushes and creeks:

And of course the highly esteemed 'touch' of the Bearded Dragon.

Friday, September 5, 2008

a birthday..or three

It happened to be Brownie's b'day, so we needed a cake to celebrate. 8yob said it had to be a sticky chocolate cake, he went and found the recipe and checked we had everything. A big mess later the cake was in the oven.
While the cake was cooking and 8yob was getting the table ready brother and sister decided that it was the guinea pigs Flowering and Strike b'day also. This caused much conflict and the whole party was nearly cancelled because of it. Apparently Brownie didn't want to share his b'day.
After a lot of cajoling and convincing that Brownie wouldn't mind as long as he could be the fist to blow out candles we managed to get on with the celebrations...which after a whole morning of effort lasted perhaps five minutes.
The important thing though : everyone was happy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

meltdown monday

I didn't see it coming
I had such good intentions for the day
we were to start our Beatrix Potter Unit
I've had 4 nights (maybe more its all a blur) of little sleep and the sleep I managed was broken.
It was only 9 in the morning.
baby was overtired, irritable and clingy
what was I thinking trying to get lessons in

we (I) needed to get out.
get some air, some space around me.
we headed to the Botanical Gardens.
thank you Lord for trees

thank you for green, for the sounds of creation
thank you for a new day
thank you that no matter how tired I am I can look into my children's faces and see your handiwork, your touch.
I can hold them in all their grubbiness and softness and be reminded to stop, slow down, breathe it in, breathe you in and enjoy.

Just enjoy ...tomorrow..a new day..thank you