Friday, September 5, 2008

a birthday..or three

It happened to be Brownie's b'day, so we needed a cake to celebrate. 8yob said it had to be a sticky chocolate cake, he went and found the recipe and checked we had everything. A big mess later the cake was in the oven.
While the cake was cooking and 8yob was getting the table ready brother and sister decided that it was the guinea pigs Flowering and Strike b'day also. This caused much conflict and the whole party was nearly cancelled because of it. Apparently Brownie didn't want to share his b'day.
After a lot of cajoling and convincing that Brownie wouldn't mind as long as he could be the fist to blow out candles we managed to get on with the celebrations...which after a whole morning of effort lasted perhaps five minutes.
The important thing though : everyone was happy.


milkandhoney said...

Happy Birthday Brownie, (oh and flowering and strike).
Hope you enjoyed your cake...

love from the Biggsies xxx

earthkissed said...

Too cute!