Monday, September 1, 2008

meltdown monday

I didn't see it coming
I had such good intentions for the day
we were to start our Beatrix Potter Unit
I've had 4 nights (maybe more its all a blur) of little sleep and the sleep I managed was broken.
It was only 9 in the morning.
baby was overtired, irritable and clingy
what was I thinking trying to get lessons in

we (I) needed to get out.
get some air, some space around me.
we headed to the Botanical Gardens.
thank you Lord for trees

thank you for green, for the sounds of creation
thank you for a new day
thank you that no matter how tired I am I can look into my children's faces and see your handiwork, your touch.
I can hold them in all their grubbiness and softness and be reminded to stop, slow down, breathe it in, breathe you in and enjoy.

Just enjoy ...tomorrow..a new day..thank you


Kezwick said...

Wonderful that you let go of your hopings for the day and let the beauty of His plan to unfold, one I am slowing realising is the only way!

earthkissed said...

Trees and fresh air, that's where I'm heading this week! It's just what I need