Monday, November 8, 2010

doing battle with real thanks

* being broken
* a boy with some boxes
* reading Bollygum to listening ears
* a calves milky muzzle
* her loud singing up and down aisles embarrassing older siblings
* brothers laughing
* seven year old laying with new furry friend
* clean pillow cases
* her sitting up in bed reading
* a froggie at the window
* friendly strangers
* seeing smiles at 3:30pm
* nests and the new life
* prayers
* new spaces
* afternoon sunlight
* waterholes with friends
* moths not seen before
* first rides and the utter delight on her face
* the 'show' in all its ruralness, definitely are yearly affair
* the light shining in dark places

Monday, November 1, 2010


today marks a new season for us.
today I've prayed all day for two particular people
today has been so much quieter than usual
today Zach was a bit lost
today I couldn't wait to hop in the car and drive five minutes to the village
today I knew I was doing the right thing
today I gave thanks for his peace which surpasses all understanding
today I surrounded my heart with the knowledge that when I'm not there, he is.