Monday, November 8, 2010

doing battle with real thanks

* being broken
* a boy with some boxes
* reading Bollygum to listening ears
* a calves milky muzzle
* her loud singing up and down aisles embarrassing older siblings
* brothers laughing
* seven year old laying with new furry friend
* clean pillow cases
* her sitting up in bed reading
* a froggie at the window
* friendly strangers
* seeing smiles at 3:30pm
* nests and the new life
* prayers
* new spaces
* afternoon sunlight
* waterholes with friends
* moths not seen before
* first rides and the utter delight on her face
* the 'show' in all its ruralness, definitely are yearly affair
* the light shining in dark places


earthkissed said...

Love your photos, they always exude warmth in the most lovely way.

milkandhoney said...

They are great photos. The country show looks like lots of fun. xx

Kerrie said...

yes such good things... xx