Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'my very own recipe'

We do alot of cooking together usually baking or treats but also salads and dinners.
Sometimes one or more of the children ask to do their 'very own recipe'. Mumma needs to be in the right frame of mind for this very creative process as I step out of the way and let the child go for it.
We've had 'very special mixed up salad just for daddy', (which he happily ate while being scrutinised  as to weather it was ok, which it was of course). 

We've had cakes, muffins which were meant to be biscuits and recently by 7yog we had these lovely looking completely made up marshmallow muffins. 'Mumma you should take a photo of these for your blog , I'll go write the recipe!'. This particular batch of baking experimentation didn't get eaten as so
metimes happens which can make the young chef a little downhearted but we focus on what worked and what could have been added to  make it more like it was intended.
It is alot of fun for them to be free in the
kitchen and it also builds their confidence and knowledge  in the cooking process.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A moment in time (a long moment)

These two hands have been pretty busy with this little one lately. Don't let those sleepy eyes fool you she is just having a wee break in between crying/squirming/kicking. When I'm not settling and resettling I'm trying to keep my head up and remember to get the children dinner. I'm trying to remember.... anything. Today we visited the library. I imagined myself sitting with a coffee in hand while my little ones read books quietly (rare) and happily. Of course 18mog would be asleep in the carrier as she hasn't slept all day ( all year), And I would get a few moments of peace.
Ah, fool that I am. Coffee was undrinkable, baby slept in the car on the way and wanted to eat the smaller baby who was innocently laying on the carpet, little ones were loud and grumpy and to top it all off when we finally arrived home I discovered library bag with the 25 books carefully chosen while protecting innocent small baby from big hyper under slept baby were not in the car but in the car park back at the library. Ugh!!
So you see I am living proof that lack of sleep will affect your daily tasks. ..and daily blogging. I have much to post in this little space that is a fragment of our life but right now I'm feeling like my mind is full of loose ends and lost thoughts.
I know this is but a moment, a flash of my life. I hold her close, kiss her cheeks, sing her soft love songs and pray her body will align and let her rest.

illustration friday-the farm

7yog: collage

Friday, October 10, 2008

illustration friday

can it be friday already?!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

nature collections

We seem to be so drawn to these little pieces of creation, where ever we go one or all of us is picking up something shouting 'Hey, look at this'! We all gather round and usually it comes home with us. Sometimes it stays outside but mostly it gets added to the nature table. About once a week we'll all choose something and sit around the table with pencils, paints, crayons and our nature notebooks and draw our finds maybe jotting down observations and thoughts. We don't have to be out and about either just in the last two days I have been shown a heart collage made out of leaves and flowers, a fat dark caterpillar now named 'Spiky', red sap flowing out of a tree, a zip lock bag full of leaves and flowers and three different colored spiders, a green caterpillar living on our nasturtiums (which we've made a little viewing box for and will be watching) and various sticks and seeds. All this without leaving the front gate. Of course it is fun to go exploring in a new place but there is so much to find, see and appreciate right under our noses.
One of the things that is important to me is to that the children are awake to the beauty of creation that is alive all around them-that they see, smell, touch and explore the range and magnificence of their world. That each day they spend time outside 'being' with creation. It isn't necessary to be even doing anything. This morning I glimpsed 5yob laying in the sandpit gazing at the tree above. What a glorious moment; the birds were cooing , a gentle breeze was drifting through new green leaves and the morning sun was warm.
I don't have to do too much encouraging around here but even a little comment on the trees new growth or the sound of a birds song can inspire and leave an impression of the beauty that is in nature. Thankfully I'm pretty sure we've got some serious nature (and critter) lovers in this home.

Monday, October 6, 2008

gratitude monday

  • a day to celebrate the gift of our children
  • watching the tender openess between us and visiting friends
  • two unexpected love gifts from very dear ones ...thankyou so!!! (and unbeknown to the givers the two gifts complement eachother perfectly)
  • a loving note for me to find in my journal secretly written by eldest boy
  • spring breezes and dancing leaves..please hot days of summer hold off a little longer!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Sunday to All

Coffee, yogurt and fruit....a good start to the day.
When I was younger breakfast was essential. I always considered myself as a 'breakfast' person. Its only been the last few years that I realised that I often go without breakfast or just can't stomach it, I think its the fact that I don't wake well, didn't sleep well. Can you see those circles?
In trying to improve my health and sense of well being I'm giving breakfast a more conscious effort. I may post some yummy, healthy breakfast recipes as I try them.
Happy and healthy Sunday to you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008