Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'my very own recipe'

We do alot of cooking together usually baking or treats but also salads and dinners.
Sometimes one or more of the children ask to do their 'very own recipe'. Mumma needs to be in the right frame of mind for this very creative process as I step out of the way and let the child go for it.
We've had 'very special mixed up salad just for daddy', (which he happily ate while being scrutinised  as to weather it was ok, which it was of course). 

We've had cakes, muffins which were meant to be biscuits and recently by 7yog we had these lovely looking completely made up marshmallow muffins. 'Mumma you should take a photo of these for your blog , I'll go write the recipe!'. This particular batch of baking experimentation didn't get eaten as so
metimes happens which can make the young chef a little downhearted but we focus on what worked and what could have been added to  make it more like it was intended.
It is alot of fun for them to be free in the
kitchen and it also builds their confidence and knowledge  in the cooking process.


milkandhoney said...

Just dropped in to read your blog so I thought I would say hi.
Seeya tonight. xxx

lolly said...

Hi Skye,
Thought I'd let you know that I popped by, haven't seen you in ages, hope you are getting some more sleep.
See you soon, xxx

Kezwick said...

You are so right, I need to take my hands off too and let them go for it, they certainly want to and it doesn't matter if it doesn't turn out! Thanks for the reminder! K x

Skye said...

Hi girls-thanks for dropping by.

Kezwick- sometimes it just seems easier doesn't to tell them what to do . The other good thing about letting them play in the kitchen is they learn that its ok if it doesn't turn out just so, try something different next time.Its the process not the end result.