Friday, October 24, 2008

A moment in time (a long moment)

These two hands have been pretty busy with this little one lately. Don't let those sleepy eyes fool you she is just having a wee break in between crying/squirming/kicking. When I'm not settling and resettling I'm trying to keep my head up and remember to get the children dinner. I'm trying to remember.... anything. Today we visited the library. I imagined myself sitting with a coffee in hand while my little ones read books quietly (rare) and happily. Of course 18mog would be asleep in the carrier as she hasn't slept all day ( all year), And I would get a few moments of peace.
Ah, fool that I am. Coffee was undrinkable, baby slept in the car on the way and wanted to eat the smaller baby who was innocently laying on the carpet, little ones were loud and grumpy and to top it all off when we finally arrived home I discovered library bag with the 25 books carefully chosen while protecting innocent small baby from big hyper under slept baby were not in the car but in the car park back at the library. Ugh!!
So you see I am living proof that lack of sleep will affect your daily tasks. ..and daily blogging. I have much to post in this little space that is a fragment of our life but right now I'm feeling like my mind is full of loose ends and lost thoughts.
I know this is but a moment, a flash of my life. I hold her close, kiss her cheeks, sing her soft love songs and pray her body will align and let her rest.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh how I can relate my dear, precious friend. I love your perspective - this, too, will pass... I needed that reminder today after last night's escapades.

Beautifully written, too! I actually groaned when I pictured the bag of library bags left back by the car!

Strength and peace to you, dear love.