Friday, September 19, 2008

He wanted an elephant

When I showed the children the Mr Bunny I made out of Daddy's old jumper 8yob asked if I could make him a elephant. At the time I said that would be way too hard I'm just a learner-sewer is there something a little easier perhaps? No, an elephant it had to be. I put that on the too hard shelf for a while.
After a particularly hard day for the boy (and the mama) I decided I would make him an elephant no matter the end result -I was going to give it a go.
I searched elephant softies on Flickr hoping to stumble upon a tutorial and after a while of wasting the night away I drew up a pattern, cut it out and got sewing.
I was reasonably happy with the results and most importantly the boy was very happy and seeing him play with 'Jumbo' all day was very warming to this 'learner-sewer' Mama's heart. I could so get into this softie making thing.


milkandhoney said...

The elephant looks so great. I might have to stick that on my 'to make' list too. xx

M-Joy said...

Wow! So much for a novice at this making-thing...I think you were born for this creative outlet! WE might have to employ you for softie-gifts! Which reminds me...must get on to something for 3yo b'day!

Kezwick said...

Glad you put in on your blog, having seen it first hand, it is amazing! I now have requests from my boys for a platypus and seal lion, you have inspired me to perhaps give it a try! XX

Skye said...

gee -thanks guys are a great confidence booster. XX S

earthkissed said...

Brilliant! When Rose (matt's niece) turned one, we looked everywhere on the internet for a "plush" tardis (as her parents named her after Rose from the new Dr Who series). With no luck - but now I have a great idea..... You could make it! You've done a fantastic job:)