Tuesday, September 14, 2010

reminding me

use less words with the children
don't give so many choices
be physical holding them when they feel angry or distressed
let them cry - don't feel guilt or take their tears personally
let them be - be themselves in expression and play
keep to a rhythm and routine
forgive self when mistakes are made
let go


Melanie said...

I love the new blog header Skye! Just gorgeous. :) Love the reminder list too...hard to achieve the right balance sometimes though, hey. Just as well our kids forgive us when we forget, or are too tired, or too busy..thanks for the reminder that sometimes a hug is all they need. x

Skye said...

Yes Melanie- the way the children forgive and just move on is a wonder to me and something I'm so grateful for.
Glad you like the header it defenitly was time for a change. Warmly, Skye

jen said...

I love the new header too! Seriously gorgeous. And thank you for this reminder - in fact, this list is something you remind me of in your very being, every time I watch you with your children. You are the incarnation of this list, so often. Love you xoxo