Monday, September 20, 2010

China Adventures :: the silk road

What a great book this is! Beautiful, colorful illustrations; a song to sing and more detailed information at the back for those that want more on the Silk Road. A number of times I've found this book left on the toilet floor the kids like it so much.
To add this element to our China Lapbooks:- I read the story with many questions, comments and other interruptions, then the children color and label a map that I crudely drew and copied out for them.
Jett And Jasmine wrote out some points about the Silk Road that they learned from the story and Zach dictated to me and I typed his out.
To end we got the globe out and had a closer look at China and the surrounding countries.

Zachie's map- traced and colored

Jasmine- I love how she used her watercolor pencils.

Jett- was quite concerned that this was not a completely accurate map.


Kerrie said...

They are beautiful Skye!

Anonymous said...

Wow - gorgeous maps. You must be proud of your children.

Jen said...

More of these please! I love love love seeing what your amazingly creative children, led by their dedicated and creative mama, are doing. xoxoxo