Saturday, June 12, 2010

favourite things

~ thrifted pure cotton tablecloth ~ warm sun on cooler days ~ kids crafting ~ soft snuggles ~ thrifted box to put nature finds in~

Happy Weekend to you friends!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Skye, your blog reminds me in many ways of soulemama. I love your thrifted box for nature finds - i've always wanted to make one of those, i love your shadow photo, and how adorable is that puppy???!!! Makes me want to go directly to the pet shop and get a puppy! And the ch7 news - too cute.

Skye said...

HI Emma, thankyou for the kind words!
You don't have to go to the pet store you can come here- we have seven puppies for sale>>!!

Peter Vandetta Tamamian said...

Wow !
Cute dog hehe!
Keep up the good working witht he blog!
Please wisit mine !

joven said...

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