Friday, September 11, 2009

Teacher/ Parent- the work within

'... as a Home Teacher, you should be continually striving to unfold the potential
within yourself so that you can respond more deeply and spontaneously to your child. In working
with children, it is never the techniques you have learned through the years that cause them to develop
their capabilities. Rather, it is the strength of your being, the light of your understanding, and the love
you have for them as fellow beings that draws the latent spark of individuality within them into active
manifestation. It is this that makes teaching such a difficult endeavor. To be an effective teacher, you
must persistently seek to unfold and refine your own strengths before you can ever hope to unfold
and refine the strengths in your child. '

I found this quote and felt that yes it really is the constant work of us as parents and educators that will bring such benefit to our children. Its not what we say but how we live that speaks to them. And so I keep placing myself in the refiners hand...


Inoureyes said...

Thanks for the reminder.
Love this quote

Kerrie said...

'refine your own strengths...' love it, such a journey...aren't we blessed to have His hands working in us xx