Friday, September 4, 2009

SDO: some sewing

While Matt had the children for some daddy time I sat myself down at the sewing machine. I didn't even tidy first. I knew they would be home before long so I took full advantage and chose to fill up my mama-needs-to-do-something-creative-tank.
I finished the backyard blanket which was basically a thrifted sheet sandwiched together with some old terry toweling-its not really large enough for all of us but for my first go it gave me an idea of what I will do next time.
Jett put in an order for a large pencil case with a pocket for his rubber and sharpener so that was next-now I've got orders from the other two.
A couple of skirts for the girls using a thrifted pillowcase and a pillowcase dress for Jasi. I think i filled my makin tank at least for another week. It is such a joy to see the children wearing clothes or using things that have come from my hands and heart-even if I am a beginner sewer-I am really catching the bug.

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Jen said...

You know what? You've totally just taught me something: the key is NOT TO TIDY UP FIRST. How right you are. Then you get the creative juices going and you have time to make stuff (how gorgeous are ALL the works of your hands!) and then you're not irritated when they walk in the door because you've only just started. Brilliant. I would never have known that if you had not blogged it. Thank you for the lesson!