Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Spring!!

Life feels so full at the moment which is wonderful in a exhausting kind of way but it also is easy to be pushed along from one thing to the next, one need to the next, one chaotic moment to the next... and yet I am right where I am meant to be . How to live mindfully and present in each moment is my challenge; letting go of the next thing over there, that three piles of washing here, the messy backyard , the dinner preparation, muffins for afternoon tea, a blog post, an e-mail, the linen closet needs resorting, the homeschool work needs organising and i really want to sew an apron for Bella and, and, and...these things in themselves aren't bad and do need attention but they can pull you away from enjoying all that the now moment has. Those little, simple graces that fill our days and feed our soul if we but notice.
So, for September this first month of Spring I am going to notice and consciously give thanks in my heart and mind as we meander through our full days and here in this little space.

So for today-
~the prayers of my children at our morning time-for others and for me
~pink painting in pj's
~lunch in the warm sun and the cool air
~the delight from youngest girl in her blossoming white Snapdragons
~goodness in food-eaten and read
~the crazy game of memory between Mama and her boys
~the made up songs loud and unabashed from a heart full of praise
~the way she smells, the softness of her chubby cheeks, her loving embrace
~the deep loving touch from the one who knows, has always known who I am and accepts, woos and whispers his heart to mine

May Spring be a month of Joy as we give thanks and know that He is good.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful heart-warming praise post!

M-Joy said...

S, i'm so blessed by your heart of faith - training your eye to see the sacred in the everyday, a wonderful focus in your days, a grounding, a rock on which to stand in the storms x m

Kerrie said...

Beautiful, I am smiling imagining each one of those moments for you x

Skye said...


Anonymous said...

I love the prayer written on the pink card, what does the whole thing say? we are making a blessing box this winter which is basically a recipe box but the cards will all have a different prayer on them. ANyway I am trying to gather some nice ones.

Skye said...

HI Breezy Babies- Psalm 119 v 37. A blessing box sou nds like a great idea.
Warmly, Skye.

Jen said...

Utterly magical. I love the light... in both the words, your heart, and the photos. Gorgeous.