Tuesday, March 1, 2011

strength & beauty

When I was young I was fanatical about animals. I would be happier in the presence of a four-legged friend than a two-legged one. I would tell all my woes whilst my cat sat in my lap and cleaned herself. I would dream that one day I would live in the country and have zillions of animals.
Since having children my animal love took a backseat as i nurtured my new babies and young children and life got busy but I've always held the belief that animals have a lot to teach us and having a pet is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.
After years of trying to convince Matthew that a pet is a good thing and he wouldn't be the one to have to shovel dog poop of the grass I became very excited when he finally agreed and began to  research the perfect pooch as a birthday present for our then nine year old son--every boy needs a dog.
Four years later we have two dogs and some chickens and since moving to the farm have inherited a horse. I'm still working on getting a cat but he insists they are a danger to the native wildlife and i haven't managed to come up with a convincing argument to that one.
But horses, wow, horses are amazing and mysterious animals that demand respect. Their strength and beauty inspires me and we have a long road ahead of us as we learn how to care for them.
At the moment though we are enjoying being in the presence of our new friend BJ. He is gentle and lovely and when i look out the window and see him in the field he puts a smile on my face and I remember that animal loving girl an d whisper quietly to her 'come back, it's coming true'.

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