Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday :: cleaning and craft

I'm learning a new rhythm this year, one in which there feels a little more breathing space.
As part of my new week it's helped to name the days. On Tuesdays its our cleaning and craft day.
Isabella helps me mop floors, wipe down surfaces, gets bored and plays in her room while I finish off. We also do craft. During the week we talk about what we will do or she may look through some of our craft books and choose something.
This lion mask activity came from an animal art book and I remember using alot when Jett and Jasmine were younger. Isabella had so much fun as she saw it all come together and was so pleased with the result. As soon as the kids came home from school she got her mask on and roared the afternoon away trying to scare those older animals.

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Anonymous said...

That's the cutest little lion I ever did see!