Thursday, March 3, 2011

a lesson in cow care

With our local friendly farmer along side us, we had a lesson on rounding up the cattle to tag and band. I stayed long enough to get a few shots and when it became a little bloody I decided inside was calling. It was an experience and confirmed my thoughts on the type of farming future for me- one that does not involve blood. Give me dirt and green, horses- oh yes, calves that need milking I can do but herding stubborn cows and banding away their ability to produce offspring ah no.
These Herefords are doing a brilliant job tackling the grass that was growing well above the children's head and keeping us all away for fear of running into snakes. the first few nights the calves ( though they  looked too big to be calves to my untrained eye) cried all night for their mothers but they soon adjusted and now they happily graze and graze. Certainly not as cute looking as Norman and Grace who are no longer with us they were causing a lot of trouble escaping and in Isabella's words 'they've gone to grow up' .
I think after this exciting day Matthew got a taste for farming and we are certainly taking as many opportunities we can to experience all we can of and on the land.

What could be better after this hot, smelly work than to head 2 minutes down to our local waterhole-such a treasure and delight.


milkandhoney said...

Hi Skye, Just had a quick look at your blog as I'm running out the door. Love your photos and love seeing what you have been doing. I'm hoping to get back to my blog soon when i get a chance. Hopefully get to catch up again with you soon.
love Mel xx

lin x said...

wow and wow, love the seven new head of cattle. the four transfixed ones dad the cattle farmer and mums toes in the river. All new dreaming at lippenwood you all so much,LIST.

Kirsten said...

Wow Skye, who would have thought?? You guys are really doing the farming thing aren't you? I got a blow by blow description from Matt the other night, but wonderful seeing pictures and the kids looking like real farm hands! God is wonderfully good, you sound fulfilled and happy and the kids look settled and like they're enjoying the ride. I'm with you regarding the bloody side of farming for sure!! Much love, we'll visit soon.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that cow!!! Great pics.