Tuesday, December 9, 2008

our own little cake decorator

Every year the children have an idea for their birthday cake and I have tried my best to come up with the goods. As they've got older their ideas have become more complicated than just the simple 'fire engine' or 'castle' cake to themes like mermadia or garden cake. Last year our eldest was into birds at the time and wanted a bird inspired cake. He was quite specific with the details so I invited him to do his own cake which he was very excited about.He made a nest using fimo and added little bird figurines and the result was wonderful. This year he was throwing ideas around like Exoforce (lego) cake and a jungle theme so once again I suggested he might do a better job of the cake himself. So we brainstormed and problem solved and after a bit of stress he decorated yet another b'day cake. A jungle with cave and animals. He had a couple of very proud siblings oohing and ahhing after he had finished. And most importantly he himself was happy and satisfied with what he had made.

I had a quick look for last years cake but couldn't find it in my very disorganised iphoto. Another job to get to.


Lori @ Camp Creek said...

this is fantastic. i love it. :^)

earthkissed said...

It was a pretty amazing cake!