Sunday, December 7, 2008

sunday breakfast

Oh my!! We have reached the stage where our eldest children are wanting to cook us breakfast and make tea. Tea. That means lighting the stove. We don't have a electric kettle we boil the water on the stove top ...flames...boiling water..ughhh.
So this morning they had organised to wake each other up and one was on the tea and the other was on the eggs. I was called out and this is what I saw ..a pretty tablecloth, a lovely teacup and even some chocolate almonds all at 6:50am. I can't stomach much these days before 8 but I happily ate these beautiful offerings. Well not the chocolate almonds I promised to have those later. 


Kezwick said...

Beautiful Skye, what precious children you have to take the time to do that and the pretty tablecloth and everything. Those are the moments that warm your heart,thanks for sharing.

milkandhoney said...

That's so beautiful.
They put so much effort into it.
We have to go through so much work and sleepless nights when they are little and running around after them and then they grow up and look after us. Wait until they cook you dinner at night too. Laura loves doing that.

Lori said...

wonderful! :^)