Monday, July 9, 2012

[monday musings]

'inspiration is inspiration, whether the end result is a painted masterpiece, a soul-searching sonnet, a richly colored home-made quilt or a batch of freshly baked rock buns. we shouldn't diminish our creativity by despising the results of our inspiration, but instead celebrate and exploit the wonderful feeling of elevated energy and enthusiasm we experience when we are inspired....we can learn to sift through the the mass of stimuli we encounter everyday and to focus on what inspires us as individuals and, in doing so, create a way of seeing, a way of being receptive to inspiration.
for the one thing that sets creative people apart is that they have all acquired the habit of being receptive to inspiration, actively seeking it or even simply recognising it...the domestic artist is in the glorious position of being able to find inspiration in daily domestic life.'
the gentle art of domesticity, jane brocket

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