Friday, August 5, 2011

spiky and cute

We found (more correctly the dogs found), this lovely but very shy Echidna on our property recently and spent the whole afternoon patiently waiting for it to unfurl so we could get a look at its cuter side. After a long wait and some words between siblings everyone except Zach decided to give up or be called back when something more exciting occured. Watching Zach sitting there by himself in the cold waiting reminded me so much of myself and my love for animals when I was younger.

A while later I spotted him with the proudest and amazed look on his face as his gently tried to carry his new friend to a spot nearer to the house so that 'Daddy could see him when he gets home'. Daddy wasn't going to be home for another few days but boys can hope.


Mary Smith said...

That is so interesting! I've never seen one of those!

Skye said...

Hi Mary, yes they are funny looking creatures, aren't they? A bit like a hedgehog perhaps. Thanks for dropping and saying hi.
Warmly, skye.

lindsay said...

hullo my darling ones looking a your picture story on inter island ferry in NZ. adore thefocus of thewee man and God,s amazing creature. ths for communicatingsuch moments. love you soooooooooo much.