Thursday, June 9, 2011

when life gives you lemons...

make lemonade.

Or lemon cordial.

Or Lemon tart.
Or Chicken stuffed with Lemons.

After discovering a Lemonade tree laden with fruit on the farm I spent a day squeezing and cooking yummy lemony things. I think the tart was the favourite and I couldn't believe how easy it was!
Zach took some of the Lemonade fruit and the cordial for his 'news' this week at school. And the kids have been enjoying  Lemonade with dinner all week. Jett is planning on making Lemon Curd this weekend which he is a bit of a master at, so I'll have to make scones or pikelets.
I'm on the hunt for more lemony goodness since we have a whole tree in the back that shouldn't go to waste...I'm thinking a Lemon slice next.


Inoureyes said...

Im making this one today
I love lemons!

Melissa Guyatt said...

My favorite is lemon yoghurt cake with the warm sugary lemon drizzles over the top - shouldn't be daydreaming of this, should be focusing on art class about to start - might be On a lazy long weekend menu! Yum xxx m

Skye said...

Oh thankyou Ladies, some great ideas I will have to try. I do love lemons too and even more now they are coming of our own tree.

milkandhoney said...

We don't have lemons but we have a lime tree. This is one of our favourites (but I change the lemons to limes).
Also you can juice the lemons and freeze them in ice cube trays.

Kirsten said...

Our fave at the moment is baked lemon cheesecake slice:

Looking forward to see you soon!

Skye said...

Mellissa B- thankyou for the link, I have made the lemon slice three times now-It's so yummy but a little too easy too just keep on eating. XX

Jen said...

JETT'S LEMON CURD IS THE BEST!!! My bottle in the fridge is nearly empty... I need to order some more :)) Big hug for the gorgeous boy with the Justin Bieber haircut. xoxo