Sunday, June 19, 2011

weekends are for

making soup
installing water tanks

trying new recipes and finding an absolute winner. Thankyou Jett!!

washing, brushing and just being with BJ

lazing in the sun together

working on his garden

racing down grassy hills, catching the light in those golden tresses

reaching up high to pick the best fruit

finding beauty outside in the small and below in the large
weekends are for being together, soaking in the warmth of the sun and eachother.


Jen said...

Oh I am aching for you to have more of this togetherness time. I look at... feel... the celebration of being six with unfettered time on your glorious land, and I long, long, long for that to be the norm for your family, not just "weekends". Please Father, please.

Skye said...

Thabkyou my friend! Your words made me cry..