Tuesday, June 21, 2011

last week

 Despite a nasty flu knocking us down I got to spend hours reading, playing UNO over & over, drinking lemon tea and just being with my boys. It was a disguised gift.


Anonymous said...

Noticed the chocolate - that's VERY good for flus, did you know??? I'm envious of your fireplace too.

How are you feeling now Skye - hope you've made it passed the flue and feeling good pregnancy stuff. I've got maybe 6 weeks to go and starting to feel a bit "full"! But it's exciting - baby clothes and all! Anna

Anonymous said...

hullo you and the cosy fire. love and kisses. a little surprise should arrive on friday.

Skye said...

Hi Anna, yes how could I say no to those sniffly boys re a little bit of chocolate!
I guess the things with large families is sickness can just keep getting passed around..yes, its back to me. I wish you great birth blessings for your upcoming birth.
Keep me posted. Warmly, Skye

Jen said...

Yukky sickness
On and on
Loving mama
Faithful Father
Eyes to see the gift
Thank you