Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tuesday :: cleaning and craft

Today I didn't get much cleaning done as little miss 'really need mama' by her side for most of the time but the most important things got done and that is time spent with my girl, time I'll never have again and so tonight I walk through the house with floors dirty and bathrooms needing help but I'm OK with it. For whatever reason, something unseen was going on in my little three year old today and I yielded (after self-talking) to her and she must have told me ten times how much she loved me this afternoon...so I'm thinking perhaps her little love tank needed re-filling and quality time together seemed to help fill it up.
Today we gathered up some of the stones that have been making their way back home from the waterhole and did some rock art. Isabella chose various fabric which we cut out and painted on the rocks with PVA. So simple and yet satisfying and Bella has already put aside some as gifts and some as 'magic stones' to play with. I'm using a few as page holders.The kids wanted to do some after school but a trip to the waterhole is required to gather more.
Bella has rephrased our Tuesday 'cooking and craft day' and today we made a yummy lemon cake for afternoon tea which was so nice as we all had honey tea and warm cake when the big kids were home from school. A lovely day indeed!

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