Monday, March 7, 2011


'When all of our idols are taken away, all our securities and defense mechanisms, we find out who we really are.  We're so little, so poor, so empty—and a shock to ourselves.  But God takes away our shame, and we are eventually able to present ourselves to God poor and humble.  Then we find out who we are and who God is for us.  That is how an enslaved people became God’s people, Israel.'
Richard Rohr
'In a certain sense we are on the utterly wrong track.  We are climbing while Jesus is descending, and I think in that we reflect the pride and the arrogance of Western civilization, always trying to accomplish, perform, and achieve.  We transferred much of that to our version of Christianity and became spiritual consumers.  The ego is still in charge.  When the self takes itself that seriously, there’s no room left for God.
Richard Rohr, February 2011

'The desert period knew that you did not think yourself into a new way of living, but you lived yourself into a new way of thinking.  Let’s allow ourselves this Lent to seek new life settings for ourselves, much more than new ideas to discuss and shelve.'
Richard Rohr, February 2011

My heart whispers this new week are that I would be aware of Him,
that I would be yielded to his work within,
in and through all aspects, all moments of each day
that I would not get in the way

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