Thursday, March 24, 2011

thanking our way through Lent

Thinking about the lead up to Easter
what does it mean
to me
to our family
how do we want to celebrate Easter

I have been writing my thankyou's in my visual journey for a few years now
I covered some Moleskins and talked to the kids about easter
about all good things
about the giver
I suggested they keep their own book
writing down those good things
how many could they get down
a way of remembering
the Giver

With such enthusiasm have they taken on their thankyou books
each day leading up to easter we note down
the countless ways
He loves us



Oh I love this idea. We have been talking about doing this as a family for a couple of weeks. This has inspired me to get started. I love that "mum and dad" score 10 on one entry and "snakes" on the next day get the number 10 spot.

Kerrie said...

Oh Skye, Brilliant! I want to do this with the boys too as I have been loving keeping my own xxx

Skye said...

Hello E and K!! Thankyou, yes this has been a lovely thing for ALL of us to do. Drawing our minds to the wonder of life and all the GOOD THINGS we have that are loving gifts from his heart to ours. Bless you HUGE!!
Warm Love,