Monday, March 28, 2011

public school and yet

Living a creative inspired life is my heart for my children, a life where they think for themselves not just swallow information; a life where they explore and test and discover. 
This year finds three of our four children at a small school and during fragile moments I worry. 
I worry that they are being institutionalized; that they are being fed information and worksheets without the discovery, the thinking for themselves. 
I worry have I sacrificed them to the system because I couldn't  handle the deep waters of home education.
During those times (especially), I look around and I see the little 'life corners'. Those little spots where inspiration can be found to discover, to look into, to take note, to imagine, to dream.
I might make a little 'tea-time', some yummies with tea-cups and read some poetry or have them read to me.
Home Education is a heart attitude and I remind myself that even though they now go to 'school', I am still in the little things, the details creating an atmosphere of life and education.


Mel said...

Absolutely! I love your little life corners :) They look so inviting and fun. What a great heart attitude you have - I'm sure your children will flourish because of it! Mel x

Skye said...

Thankyou Mel!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that our children have you for their mama. Despite the many challenges your love and passion for them shines through. You inspire me to be all I can as their dada. Love to all

milkandhoney said...

Love your map Skye. Is that the one from Budd'cs Beach?
And your children are very blessed to have you as their Mum. xx

milkandhoney said...

*That's supposed to say Budd's Beach.... :)

Skye said...

HI Mel, Yes thats the one. And dido to you: your beautiful ones are so rich having you as thier mama!!

Kylie said...

Hi Skye, I haven't checked in with your blog in so long. Love your life corners and so true. You will never take the homeschooling out of your heart.

You are doing a wonderful job and I am sure you are all flourishing in what looks like your very own little piece of paradise. :-)