Tuesday, September 7, 2010

shifting the kaleidescope

'shift the
kaleidoscope and find fresh combinations of his matchless grace'


Today i woke (actually I had been awake for a while due to one very wriggly three year old) and with some encouragement went for a walk through the forest, it was crisp and birds were singing their good morning song and all was still ...except my mind was full with a hundred thoughts running loose and causing havoc.
When life feels so complex and its hard to know where to even begin to make sense of any of it I am reminded to let it all go and focus on the beauty in the commonness of my day.
The simple things, the small kindnesses, the sounds and sights of life.
And so I shifted my view and found ....grace.

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M-Joy said...

These words as well as so many spoken have ministered the Fathers grace to me this week, thank you treasured friend xx m