Monday, April 19, 2010

color :: blue

A week of color. A challenge to open my eyes and see a little closely and vividly in the amazing variety of life in color that surrounds me. For the last couple it years its been like I've been seeing in black and white (sleep deprivation can do that) but I've turned a corner in the last few months and so this week of color is a little celebration of that.
Blue: Probably one my all time favorite colors so I'll start here. This is Jett at the Homeschool Campfest in Albury that we went to during March. The kids had never Abseiled before so this was a great experience and something we will do again.


Kerrie said...

Hello...lovely Skye.I've been blogging too. Can't believe that's Zach, what wonderful opportunities they are all having!

Anonymous said...

Hi Skye,
I'm so glad that you have "turned the corner" and your world is back in technicolour. :)

Have a great week,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Skye said...

Thanks Kerrie- I had a closer look and its actually Jett so had to correct that.
Thankyou Jillian-Life is an assortment of seasons and he gives grace to walk through them all doesn't he? Its good to be getting some decent sleep, it sure helps. Blessings,