Monday, April 19, 2010

catching my breath

March and April have been a little bit wild around here with three birthdays, a road trip, Easter camping and some Home Education items due in. I have been a little overwhelmed and completely pooped.
I feel as if just now I'm catching my breath and readying myself for the next term. One way for me to do that is to continualy tell myself to s l o w down and enjoy this moment and if I can't enjoy it then accept it. This helps me allow for beauty in all shapes and sizes, even when its disguised by chaos or ugliness.

Enjoying the fact that my big girl can make cookies all on her own..
Accepting the mess and bickering when the younger ones want to 'help'...


Melanie said...

Hi Skye...I'm catching my breath here too, and learning to breathe more slowly!! It's the little things isn't it? We slowed down this morning and just sat around the table talking and catching up after a busy weekend. I'm looking forward to more of these times as my children grow up. Love your pics too - kids and mess go hand in hand I think!

Skye said...

Hi Melanie, Slowing down and breathing in.A very good idea for these busy mama days.