Saturday, August 15, 2009

thinking & doing

For so long I've been thinking of sewing this or that and when the time comes where I might have an hour I kind of freeze up, can't decide on what to sew, what fabric to choose and on.. After the funk of this last week I became a little desperate to make something ..anything.
I always think a little better with the least amount of noise so when my husband took the children out- I suddenly got moving. My hands cutting, sorting through materials and my head keeping out of the way. My new sewing machine given as a generous gift by my mil, was smooth and humming along without any naughtiness and it was all just right.
I went to bed that night saying to my husband sounding very much like my children- Look did you see what I made?!
Well I havn't finished it and this next bit will probably take me forever but just maybe if I keep a basket by the lounge or the bed I might pick it up and do a few stiches here and there you know in between feeding the six of us and cleaning up after all that eating and reading the twenty or so books Bella brings me to read to her at rest time ( and other times), and reading the Hobbit to the elder two which I'm trying to just keep to one chapter a night but Oh I had forgotten how good it is.
So here it is my first ever little quilt... for a very special little someone.


One Simple Tech said...

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milkandhoney said...

So that's what you've been up to while your kids (all 5 of them) play at my house. :)
The quilt looks great. You have done an amazing job. I'm looking forward to making our friendship quilt when I get back from holidays.

M-Joy said...

How GOOD does it feel! To stare at your work and think 'I made that all by myself' - kind of makes me think of the joy it gives our children when they bring their 'creations' for me to admire - same joy!
I LOVE it and think you did an amazing job x m

Linda said...

Looks great Skye...I am the same with sewing...takes a little bit to get the motivation to do it but once I get into it is is so rewarding.

Jeanne said...

Oh, I am so impressed. I don't sew at all!

Skye said...

THanks so much, now I've just got to get to that handstitching. ..

Anonymous said...

Since I read this post, I haven't been able to look at a toilet roll in the same way again. I am so in love with Jasi's technology". You inspire such creativity in your children, dear one... very close to the Father's heart. Thank you for sharing all your, and their, "makings" with us.


earthkissed said...

Looks gorgeous! Glad you got the sewing machine going. I just have one small child who doesnt get up to much mischief and I can't quite contemplate restarting the project I was working on pre-Xander!