Friday, August 14, 2009

out of the funk and into green skies

This week we started out doing the normal week that is us.
Jobs, breakfast, morning time together and then the older two get to their weekly lists and I juggle between Zach and Bella and tidying up and you know all the other stuff.
As the week wore on I was quiet... not the good kind of quiet but the drifting off kind of quiet, it took to towards the end of the week for me to connect with the funk I was in but on Thursday in stead of going to our weekly art class we stayed home and got out the watercolors, some monoprints the children had done and made happy with some colour.
By the end of this session the color on these paintings was lifting my voice from its quite place to the colorful exuberance and all there is to love that I saw in the kids paintings so I hung them up around our lounge windows and as I've been looking at them I give thanks, smile and am glad for the moments around here where we can just be, the children around here who help me out of funkiness into green skies and speckled orange suns.


M-Joy said...

the orange sun & green sky is my FAVOURITE!!!! Drops of joy in your day - i love it! x m

jen said...

Love love love love love love this post. Oh my goodness - so much beauty.