Sunday, March 29, 2009

recovery fun

I hope you had a beautiful weekend with your lovely ones around you. I spent the entire weekend home trying to get well with my lovely ones coming and going. While I was in rest mode ( which doesn't happen very often) I had a little crafty fun. Ohh its so good to be makin. Want to see?

An old t-shirt that I left wet in the laundry basket was found moldy all over the front but this t-shirt was a comfy one & I didn't want to throw yet another laundry disaster away so I sewed a piece of fabric over the top of the mold and had some drawing fun with the sewing machine.
This was so fun and so easy I'll be playing around with this again soon for sure. Once I had the fabric scraps drawer open I started playing with making a little picture. I don't know what this will be maybe a wall hanging, I might add some writing, or it could get left in the come back-to pile. While I was fiddling with the fabric and arranging pieces here and there my 5yo asked for one just the same except no pink and a little bird added so I'll be making one of these again soon, its his birthday in 9 days perhaps a birthday present?

And two favourite things right now- a dress for little Bluebell from Lazy Bones in Bangalow (its a good thing its 2 hours away-the vintage quilts are delicous and though I can resist every 6 months when I visit if I saw it over & over well I'm sure I'd grow weak and convince myself one of us needs a quilt just like that) and this cushion with hand painted flowers. Pretty hey?

Oh and I finally got around to changing the banner-the days are cooling down, the skys are blue with breezes blowing, lorikeets visiting and afternoons spent outside reading, crafting, tea-drinking and biscuit dunking. I love Autumn. Warm, yet soft and breezy.
This week I'm going to be posting a bit on our project learning and some wonderful things I'm learning from Lori's blog at Camp Creek. If you drop in please say hi I'd love to meet you!


earthkissed said...

The shirt is very cute, I love it! KJ and I will go for our first lesson today, so I will have to drop by (although I'm away all of the weekend from thursday) sometime. You are so fantastically creative!

Skye said...

Big kisses to you my love. You'll have to give me some tips from your lesson. xx

milkandhoney said...

Love your new banner and look at all your beautiful creative work...
Hope you are feeling much better.

Skye said...

Thankyou Mel-I'm actually a bit wors this morning throwing up now as well perhaps I didn't rest enough.Though my hands are happy from being creative.

Lori said...

absolutely love that t-shirt! and all your remaking and reimagining. :^)

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are feeling much better, now.

That shirt is so cute, and I absolutely love the lacy dress - it is gorgeous!

Creativity is definitely not my thing, as I know what I want to do, but somewhere between my head and my hands, there is a breakdown of communications! :(

Skye said...

Oh, I'm the same with knowing in my head what I want to do and it not turning out but I figure if I say it to my kids I should live it and that is-the only way to get good at something is to have a go. Just try. And keep trying. I believe everyone is creative its just finding your particular bent. Blessings. XX