Thursday, March 26, 2009


The ability to see the gift of each moment as offering something to us- for us to learn more tolerance, patience, acceptance. And then to not only see but to give thanks for it.
So here is my giving thanks. My seeing the the beauty, the simple and even the ugly as a wonderful tool in the Master crafters hands to do its work in me. ( The ugly didn't get photographed as usually taking an image is the last thing on my mind when the floor is smooshed with a varying assortment of food, toys etc but I'm looking at it differently even in the stress of whatever ugliness is going on and usually its within anyway).

~ The leftovers of play: when I walked around the corner and caught sight of this I stopped and smiled. This is what I want even though sometimes I get caught up in thinking 'the home is always a mess and I can never keep on top of it', I want a home that says play! I really do love seeing the evidence of my children's creativity and most of the time that amounts to lots of mess. Whether that be in the kitchen - the floor today saw buttons, flour, cracked eggs and more as the children cooked and crafted. Sometimes its the bathroom sink mixing potions or washing special stones or the living room with materials, blocks and animals set up in a new land. Regardless of where it is it speaks of living, of childhood, of a creative space where exploration is encouraged and at the end of the day we all pitch in to tidy up and do it all again tomorrow.

~Firsts: paint on paper from the baby

~Friends: people can be tricky but a dog; a dog is simple, trusting and always happy for a cuddle when you need it.

~ Fast feet: They don't stay still for long, they are always on the move trying to keep up with the big kids, or chasing after a chicken, guinea pig or Missy the dog. When they finally are stopped by slumber I hold them in my hands and feel the round soft curves knowing they won't fit in my hands for much longer.

~ Simple Beauty: made even more beautiful by young boys hands offering them up to me. The garden is dry and there isn't alot to choose from but they manage to bring me something each day to brighten a ledge or table.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post - I have always looked at mess as something to be avoided, but after reading your post, I can look at it from a different perspective. Thank you! :)

Skye said...

Thankyou so much! Its all in how we look at it isn't it? Is this more work for me or is it a flourishing of creativity and exploration.

Kezwick said...

Amazing Skye, needed to hear this today, I will remember this perspective - so true, when I sigh at all the mess!

Lori said...

beautiful :^)