Saturday, April 4, 2009

project week :: from the young ones

Jett (9yob)- It started out as a zoo and then it was going to be the ticket masters home and garden and then I decided that it would be a animal habitat garden. People still have to pay to look at the habitat. There is lots to see. A Bear Cave, a Lizards Rock, the Dolphin Sea and the green squelchy moss around the pool its called 'Frogs Moss'. There is a slide which also turns into animal shelter for when it rains.

The zookeeper and his family live on cold water from the pool, strawberries and magic golden fruit that when you pick it immediately grows another one in its place.

This landscape became the feature for many animal adventures over the following week. Animal habitats and endangered animals are an area of constant interest. A great area for project work. Jett keeps a Visual Journal after seeing his mama keeping one and in it are pages of pictures, cut-outs from magazines, little notes and print outs from internet research on all his favourite animals. He keeps this himself, its his personal notebook and 'no school work is allowed to go into it'.

Zach(5yob)-I loved going to Reverse Garbage and I want to go back to get more appliances to pull apart. I used the hot glue gun. There is a merry-go-round, and air conditioning. There are stepping stones, all colored.

I have something to play with that I made. I didn't think I could make the people but I did, at first it was hard then it got easy. (Theres a lesson right there for this mama.)
The people fit in the car and the car can fly. The car is made from the inside of a register. The house is made from a video player. I like the pipe cleaner people. I love it.

Jasmine (8yog)-I made the hut from Little House on the Prarie, I made Laura and her sisters too. I put the creek in using blue paper and little clear rocks underneath.

I love what I made, I didn't know I could make this all by myself but I did. I also made blankets with little pieces of material from mummy's scraps drawer. And the ladder to the bedrooms.


Lori said...

your documentation is beautiful, and their work is lovely.

i would love to peek inside that visual journal. ;^)

thank you so much for sharing this!

Skye said...

Thank you Lori.Yes a visual journey post coming soon.

earthkissed said...

Hey Skye, I enjoyed going back and reading through the last three blogs and the kids journey through their project. You've all done a fantastic job!

kirsten said...

hi there skye, wow you must be so proud of the kids. there work is amazing. i feel proud and i'm just their aunty!! i hope i can inspire micah and little toby (?) just a little like you do. much love kirsten

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