Monday, November 24, 2008

a fathers gift

its late when he arrives home from work worn out dragging in all that has been his day
children lie asleep house is quiet 
outside the rain heaves down and the song, natures song begins 
as night creeps the song calls, drawing him outside
we smile to each other knowing 
and so he goes 
laying down one part and picking up another
dressed in fishing waders with net and torch in hand he answers the call
time later wet yet smiling , he stands dripping at the door
did you find any?
it was so loud, like being in a chorus, i caught four

in the morning four frog happy children smiled at each other and their dad
'next time can I come to?'


Lori said...

!!! oh, we love frogs and that is possibly the cutest one i've ever seen. :^)

Kezwick said...

Thanks for sharing them with us too. The boys were thrilled to see them 'without glass in front' and to hold one was amazing. Now I just need to get J out there collecting!

Skye said...

Yes, so cute yet very jumpy. My husband and children found great pleasure in the fact that I didn't like to get too close.