Thursday, November 27, 2008

december words

We've been having Christmas making & giving ideas sessions. ( Is that even a sentence?) Ideas, yes lots of ideas. I don't know how much we'll actually get done but that's not the goal is it? 

December- a month I look forward to all year. So many reasons to smile into the faces of those we love and those we don't. So many reasons to be thankful. To take stock and see the bounty within our own hands. So many reasons to give

We'll be here most of the month either in the kitchen baking 'shortbread men' (my kids don't like gingerbread), fudge and all sorts of yummy treats or around the table crafting homemade cards, decorations and gifts. Oh, and of course squished onto the lounge reading our favourite Christmas books which are all stored in the Christmas Box. Making memories spending time in creating and expressing our love for others from our hands and hearts.

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Anonymous said...

That is a December I would want to be part of. Can I come to your place. I didn't see the words - shopping, hustle, busyness, overspending, bargain hunting.

May it be all you are dreaming of. Hope you have a beautiful month.

Skye said...

Thankyou and the same to you. Yes we are keeping our kids away from the big shopping centres this year, well maybe a night into the city to see the window display but thats about all.

milkandhoney said...

Cause you invited yourself to my house for dinner, I'm inviting myself to yours for shortbread and card making. :) I love this season too.

Kezwick said...

I am writing those words down! Thank you for sharing and reminding me!Yes we are getting in to the kitchen, well more than we normally do making goodies, so much fun! x

Lori said...

love those words, and that image. :^)

we are making all our family gifts this year. i love the quiet and focus of making something for someone you love. it really brings out the best feelings of the season.

warm thoughts to you & yours!