Saturday, July 19, 2008

what I love

I absolutely LOVE children's drawings. The innocence, simplicity, wonder and truth of how children view life comes through and can speak to us if we are willing to listen. So today I wanted to share some recent drawings from the heart
of this home :

#1. This one from the little guy. He gave this after me asking him for a drawing (he says he can't draw so he never draws without being prompted)
.It's Mumma with some flowers.
# 2. When I first saw this one I assumed it was a Mumma & her baby but no it seems little 7yog has something else on the's a boy long neck and a girl long neck! Perhaps she's been listening to the Little Women CD one too many times.
#3.We've been reading Eragon. I wasn't sure whether this book would be too old but so far they love it and keep begging for another chapter.I have to admit I'm enjoying it myself. This picture was done during our reading by 7yog.
#4. After making 5yob a space boy from the WeeWonderful put together book and explaining that yes the robot would be coming soon, 8yob handed me this picture declaring this was how he wanted his robot to look.
There are so many more, I think I'll share regularly.

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Kezwick said...

Fantastic idea sharing your children's drawings, they are great!