Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'Never be inside when you could be outside.'

Fresh air and space to run , to shout, to be wild and crazy and not send Mumma wild and crazy. White chocolate & Raspberry muffins, scooters and bread for the ducks.

It may look as if 8yob is guarding the muffins from everyone but actually just the ducks.
"Take a photo Mumma!"
Not long after I had sweet #4 I was talking to a Homeschooling Mumma of 5 , perhaps I looked weary or perhaps she new what was to come but she reminded me that these years when the children are little is hard & tiring work and one of the best remedies for everyone is to get out of the house.To explore the parks, go to the museums, ride a ferry, bus or train. Take a drive and go somewhere new. Good advice.
Sometimes when your tired it can feel like too much effort to organise such an outing but actually it is so worthwhile. It really does clear the mind and feed the soul to get out among the elements not too mention give those bundles of energy space to run free .

'Never be inside when you could be outside. Spend most of the first six years of life outside. Be outside with children, perhaps take a picnic to the country; keep everyone in a good mood; leave the child alone most of the time; mother may train eyes, ears, and also plant seeds of truth within child; 1-2 hours of active, vigorous play; then a short lesson or two."
'..after they've played for a while, mother sends them off to see who can see the most. They come back and describe the scene in detail. This fun game trains observation, expression, and increases vocabulary.'
'Look well; shut your eyes and see the scene in your mind. If it's not at all blurry, look again. With eyes closed, tell all about the scene. Years later, the child will remember that view. We can have a picture gallery of all these mental paintings.'
Charlotte Mason


milkandhoney said...

Great advice Skye, when the going gets tough, we go out and visit a park or somewhere and it helps to get a different outlook on life.

Kezwick said...

I so know what you mean, we love getting out and I want to do much more, thanks for sharing that and reminding me to make it a priority in our school days!